The Lamborghini Snowventador

Without a doubt the most talked about car in BC perhaps of all time has been @Mahdiar_Ah’s “Lamborghini Snowventador” seen in Vancouver and Whistler quite a bit lately. I hope to see it sometime this season when I’m up there or if I get lucky when I visit Vancouver. Our province has quickly become home to some of the most modified and tuned exotics and I can’t say I’m the least bit surprised.

First and foremost, I have to thank @Mahdiar_Ah for driving this beast all year round. There’s nothing worse than seeing a car like this hidden in a garage, barely driven. While I imagine Jon Olsson certainly sparked the owners mind, I’d sure like to know what got this project going.

Lamborghini Snowventador Marcel Lech

Vancouver’s most notable (and my favorite) car photographer Marcel Lech also just did a shoot with this Snowventador and can I be the first in line to order a print for my wall?! I couldn’t think of a better spot than Whistler for a photo shoot and this work will be hard to top.

This car was done by the talented team over at SR Auto Group and I think was just finished this month….perfect gift for the holiday season! While I wouldn’t take this car to top speed with that rack, there is no having more fun on the way to Whistler than the owner of this one of a kind Aventador.