McLaren P1 Spotted In Vancouver

Vancouver is no stranger to the world’s best supercars although the ultra rare ones you don’t see ever…until now. Thanks to @Marcel_Lech and @SRAutoGroup of Vancouver I caught wind of the McLaren P1 arrival to the lucky @Mahdiar_ah. I would have never thought a P1 would have hit the Vancouver streets so fast but it looks like the city has another gem to spot. Thankfully the owner of this beast loves to drive and won’t be storing it as much as one would think, so I cannot wait to get a glimpse of my dream car out in the wild.

McLaren P1 In Action

My guess is that this P1 was acquired through McLaren Vancouver for Mahdiar and since SR Auto Group is friends with him who knows what they’ll add to this car…hopefully nothing imho. I would highly encourage any of you who capture this P1 in the Vancouver streets please send them my way and I’ll share them via Instagram or whatever means you have.

According to @Ricemoney this bad boy will be heading down to Vegas next week to attend the Gold Rush Rally.