Ultimate Vancouver Supercar Experience

There are many words one could describe this new business on block but I’m going to go with “finally“. Vancouver is home to many luxury experiences as well a very large affluent population with an even more wealthy tourist crowd coming here year round. The one thing this province is seriously lacking in is supercar rentals and driving experiences…until now.

If you’ve been a reader of our magazine for a while you’ll know I’ve talked about Exotic Car Vacations before on the site and that all together is a different beast. While a weekend experience with them can cost well over $10,000, Scenic Rush offers the supercar aspect at a more affordable level for petrol heads of all walks. This was greatly needed in our fine city as we have some of the best driving roads in the world and well not everyone can afford a quarter of a million dollar sports car.

I’m really happy that someone was able to bring this level of entertainment to BC and from what I can tell they officially launched this summer with more than a few tours already under their belt. Currently there are two options for car lovers with the first one being a 3 hour, 95km driving tour of the Sea To Sky Highway in which you get to drive all four of their amazing vehicles. The other tour choice is a glorious 7 hour Vancouver to Whistler tour that includes food and stops at the most beautiful locations along our coast.

Wondering what cars they offer? I’m happy to say they have a beautiful red Ferrari F430, A R35 GTR, an Audi R8 and the LP560-4 Gallardo..oh and you get to drive all four throughout the tour. That’s an impressive lineup for a first year in business and I imagine the boys in charge over there have plans to add to the fleet and perhaps if they read this they will let our readers know what’s in store.

While I haven’t had the experience myself, I will let that be a hint to my friends and family as they know my birthday is coming up..hint hint! For those already frothing over these experiences I highly recommend you get in touch with them and get in on this before the sun runs away and the winter months ruin all the fun. You can find them online easily by following the links below.

Online: ScenicRush.com
Facebook: /ScenicRush
Twitter: @ScenicRush
Phone: 1.855.926.5777