The Bauhaus Restaurant In Vancouver

One of our newest followers on social media was a restaurant I hadn’t yet heard of but they certainly caught my attention quickly. After having a good long look at their menu, who was behind the restaurant, and what they’re doing in this city I just had to let my readers know. While I don’t get out to Vancouver restaurants as much since moving to the Island, I’ve added this place to my list of places to visit next month during my trip over. But for now, lets take a quick look at what this contemporary German restaurant is dishing out.

For those that don’t know, this place is Uwe Boll’s creation and is lead by Michelin-star (only one in Vancouver) chef Stefan Hartmann. While I’m used to eating towering plates of schnitzel, sausages, spaetzle and glass boots of beer from The Rathskeller, this place is a lot more refined and the reason I’m featuring a place I’ve never been to. The fresh menu The Bauhaus is bringing to this city is unlike anything else in this province, and I welcome that.

The Gastown restaurant has been making waves since opening earlier this year and, sadly, I cannot give my own review yet but the critics are big fans of this place… even Yelp isn’t overcrowded with would-be food critics ripping this place to pieces.

All I can say for now is check out their menu, and if that doesn’t get you salivating, then perhaps you should stick to McDonald’s. You can also learn more about the team behind the restaurant and connect with them socially online.

Instagram: @BauhausRestaurant
Phone: 604.974.1147