BigSteelBox Brings Luxury To BC’s Most Remote Locations

I just finished reading an interesting article over at Mining & Exploration which showcased a really impressive design job by BigSteelBox for the mining and gas industry. I’ve know more than a few good friends who’ve worked in the interior and they’ve never really had anything close to this kind of comfort. I’ve become a fan of “tiny houses” this past year and this local product is definitely worth taking a look at.

This project got my attention as I’ve been wanting to have something like this when I build my dream home out in Port Renfrew. These micro homes are roomy enough to keep you from missing home too much and can withstand the often intense northern winters.

Our living quarters display home showcases a high-end finish that would be more commonly found in a high-end condominium

The units are built out of re-purposed steel shipping containers, but the interiors are so nice and well-designed that you’d swear you were staying in a fancy hotel somewhere. BigSteelBox offers a 40′ model which is divided into two 16’X8′ living spaces which offer not only comfortable sleeping accommodations, but room for refrigerators, computer desks, television sets, and more. If you’re an executive who likes to be close to the action in mining, logging, energy or development projects, these units really are a quick and easy way of establishing sustainable luxury housing at a relatively low cost.

You can connect with BigSteelBox online via their official website, Twitter account @BigSteelBox, Facebook page, or LinkedIn profile. To see more videos of their housing units in action across BC, check out their YouTube channel. And of course, if anyone else knows of any companies helping to bring luxury to remote places in BC, please do reach out and let us know!