Tofino AirBnB Rentals Crackdown?

It seems the talk of AirBnB restrictions coming to Tofino is getting louder this week and I’m sure a lot of people are confused as to what this all means. The District of Tofino councillors voted this week to immediately educate people about and enforce regulations surrounding bed and breakfasts and other vacation rentals, since which have flourished since Airbnb entered the scene a few years ago.

There are a lot of amazing places to stay on AirBnb for a really good price and I hope this doesn’t effect rates. Even though the luxury hotels here, the only hotels really, are mostly well over the $300 a night mark and they’re still booked well in advance. It’s for a good reason as this is easily one of the most unique and beautiful places on the planet.

“Home rentals have been allowed in Tofino for a decade if the owner gets a business licence – these cost up to $375 – but this rule is often ignored and is only enforced on a complaint basis”, Osborne said.

Tofino so happens to also be the reader’s choice for best spring trip by National Geographic Travel and people have been flocking there already. The Wick Inn certainly is having a good time and so they should, this is the best hotel on the planet imho.

What do you think of this decision by the Tofino Council and will it have much impact on the rental market? I would especially love to hear what some owners think.