Danes & Divas Review

We have excitedly been preparing for the arrival of the newest member of the Luxury BC family, Penny, a Redbone Coonhound puppy. It may not surprise those that know me well that I have been going slightly overboard to make sure that we have everything she could possibly need. Naturally, I’ve spent a great amount of time checking out the latest and greatest in dog tech and accessories, which have inspired the next series of posts.

The first company that I’d like to highlight is definitely my favourite for everyday & special occasion dog and cat collars. Danes & Divas is a company based out of Cloverdale, BC that sells made-to-order handmade collars in a variety of sizes to fit any of your furry friends.

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I just love the patterns and designs of their everyday collars and leads! Their designs are modern and tasteful, unlike most of what you will find at the big name pet stores. I can promise you that they will make your pup stand out wherever they go, without being too gaudy, and there are some great options for special occasions like weddings and holidays.

Here are three collars that we picked out for Penny, although I wish that we could have gotten so many more! Pictures of her modelling each of these collars (and hopefully more in the future) are soon to come! Since she will be a relatively large dog, I picked the 1″ width and a rust-resistant, heavy duty metal buckle for each of these collars.

First, I picked out this adorable pink herringbone patterned collar to help let everyone at the dog park know that she is a little girl!

Next up is probably our favourite for Penny, the yellow and grey Moroccan collar. We think that the mustardy yellow and strong geometric pattern will compliment her dark red coat really well. I can see this collar being her regular collar once she grows into it.

Last but not least, maybe the spunkiest of them all, is the southwest prep collar. Again, we love this geometric pattern!

So far, I am so impressed at the quality of these collars! I was worried that they might be all looks and lacking in practicality but the fabric is sewn over the classic heavy duty woven collar and leash material. While we haven’t taken these collars out to be ‘field tested’, I am confident that the material will stand up against everyday wear and tear. There is also a selection of leashes and body harnesses, and you can get collars made in the Martingale style for specific breeds or for training purposes. I also love the little bow ties and other collar accessories that they have!

You can find Danes & Divas products in select pet stores around the province (and now in the US), but I purchased via their website for the sake of the great selection and the ability to customize the collars. You can also rest assured that your purchase is making a difference as 10% of their profits are donated to local pet shelters!

Have any great pet brands or products that I should know about or that Penny should try out?

Check out Danes & Divas for yourself!
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