Trump Vancouver Owners Get Private Jet & Rolls-Royce Perks

Those looking to get a condo in the upcoming Trump Vancouver building are also going to be handed a few extra luxurious bonuses. Luxury lifestyle and real estate development company Holborn recently announced this unique project that will be exclusive to only those buying into Vancouver’s latest luxury development.

trump vancouver rolls-royce
Photo Credit: Holborn

Trump Vancouver is set to be one of the top luxury condo developments on the looming rise in the coming years and this sort of perk fits the lifestyle. Vancouver has become a major business hub over the years, especially with those that like to play here as well and Holborn knows this all too well.

When the building is done, buyers will be teamed up with London Air Services and Rolls-Royce Motor Cars as the first airline to partner with a residential development to offer this amenity in Vancouver.

Purchasers will receive a number of flight hours based on the purchase price of each unit. In addition, hotel guests and residential suite owners will share a chauffeur-driven Rolls-Royce Ghost model with customized Trump Vancouver details that will transport residents and guests within the downtown core and to major travel hubs such as Vancouver International Airport.