Luxury & Supercar Weekend Vancouver 2015 (Photos)

We had a great time at the 2013 Luxury & Supercar Weekend and sadly missed last years, but luckily we were able to attend it last week and got our fill of the best supercars from the past to the future. Taking place at VanDusen Gardens, this beautiful venue attracted over $200 million in automotive art, making it the most impressive auto show in Canada and one of the best in the world. Over the weekend, we got to capture the incredible range of cars, including motorcycles and a couple yachts while enjoying some fine wine, spirits and gourmet bites. Also for decoration, they had a fashion show and a selection of jewelry and luxury watches on display.

While the photos do most of the talking, we want to mention a few favourites of ours.  The car that probably got the most attention from guests was the home-grown Felino CB7, aka the Canadian Batmobile. This matte grey prototype is one of three and part of a handful of pre-production models set to come out.

Our team had the most fun checking out the custom supercars, taking the best production cars and turning them into something even more exciting. We were big fans of the visuals created by Wrap Workz on several vehicles, including a blacked-out McLaren and a Nissan Skyline GTR. The trophy-winning BMW i8 (commissioned for Exit Canada) and tattoed orange Aventador from Twiisted Media and MM Design both caught our eye. We also loved all the details for Robie Dickson’s Aventador by Attivo Design.

It was nice to hear that the Area 27 track and country club in Kelowna is gearing up to open (Check out our interview with Bill Drosso from Area 27 at Luxury Branded). They also brought their custom-wrapped Mercedes SLS Black Series and KTM RC8 motorcycle sporting their branding and colors. Was also cool to see the current watch collection from SevenFriday Vancouver.

This event is a must for any supercar enthusiasts in the area and definitely a great excuse for a trip to Vancouver as well. Thanks to Geoff from our Luxury Branded team and Anna Sofia from Image2Brand for taking the photos. And please follow the links below for more info:

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