Mountain Top Lake Heli-Swimming Anyone?

I randomly came by 49 North Helicopters on Instagram and really loved some of the remote places they were showing off. Heli adventures are something we do well here in BC and the folks at 49 North do them on a weekly basis. Their latest video showcases not only a lot of beautiful scenery most of us don’t get to experience, but a few stunningly blue remote lakes.

They do a whole lot of adventures and by the looks of their Instagram photos they have a lot of cool spots they could take you to. The places featured in this video are Duncan Lake, Memory Waterfalls, Memory Lake and Mirren Lake. This was taken on a Comox Glacier tour which is something you should definitely add to that ever growing bucket list of yours.

So who is daring enough to take a dip in these more than likely frigid lakes? You can easily get in touch with the team at 49 North Helicopters down below.

Phone: +1-250-202-4899