Supercars & Helicopters? Click Here Now!

Scenic Rush has something extra special offered up this summer and I think all you thrill seekers and fellow petrol heads are going to want to take note. As if driving some of the finest supercars available wasn’t enough, Scenic Rush has also partnered up with SKY Helicopters to bring things to a whole other level.

This 4.5 hour adrenaline pumping experience not only gets you behind the wheel of four of the best supercars, but high in the sky on a helicopter as you follow closely behind and above the next group driving the cars.

scenic rush sky helicopter tour

The overall experience includes 74 KMs of driving and besides the exhilarating helicopter ride, you also get some fine dining at the Sea To Sky Grill to re-energize before you head out again back to Vancouver. All in all, there is no better experience in BC for those that love exotic cars and beautiful scenery anywhere in BC.

This experience is for groups of 6 or 12 and its $695 CDN per driver and this does include lunch. Scenic Rush has this running 7 days a week so if you’re wanting to get in on this, give them a call or visit their website link below.

Book Online:
Phone: 1-855-926-5777