Tofino Blonde Ale Now In Victoria

I mosied on down to the Cascadia Liquor Store this evening to find a brew to go with my creamy blue cheese quinoa concoction I cooked up. They, in my opinion, have the best selection of beer I’ve seen yet anywhere on the Island. I usually go for something local despite being on a big Belgium triple kick lately although this Blonde Ale from Tofino Brewing Co caught my eye. I knew I needed something bubble and fresh to balance out that blue cheese and I think I made the right call.

I can vaguely remember having their Reign In Blonde Ale in the past year or so but I think this may be slightly different? If not I’ll hopefully get the attention of someone at the Brewery to comment here and let me and our readers know. How was it you say?


I’m currently staring down at my second glass which was poured from a 650ml bottle and it’s a lovely cloudy blonde colour with teeny weeny little bubbles making their way to the top. The taste is refreshing and drinkable and I pick up a lot of fruity notes which I love…again going back to the lust for triples lately this definitely takes me there although the finish isn’t as dry.

Overall I’ll be back to get this on the weekend and I’m glad this is a yearly beverage offered by this amazing Island brewery. I cannot wait to get the car on the road for the summer and make my way back to Tofino for a relaxing time on the beaches and evenings sucking this out of their taps….did I go too far?

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