Vancouver Island Motorsport Resort Coming

Good news for motorsport enthusiasts from not only BC but the world as official word gets out that a track is coming to Vancouver Island. With Area27 going up in in the Okanagan BC is going to be hot destination for petrol heads all over the planet. I personally think it’s a great addition to the province and gives people a chance to drive like madmen and keep it off our roads.

While the location hasn’t been disclosed I know they’ve got it near Shawnigan which means it will only be 45 minutes or so from Victoria. It’s also right near the Cowichan Loop which is one of my favorite driving roads on the Island and will make for a lot of fun cruising.

The track itself is being designed by the world renowned Tilke Engineers & Architects out of Germany. The main driving force though is the German Auto Import Group from the Island here and if you’re in need of a new track weapon they’re the folks to go and see. I also heard a rumor that the ground has been broken this week and if so best of luck to Superb Construction from the Island here who is going to be building this awesome track.

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