Villa Eyrie Resort On Vancouver Island

A while back I had a visit for a few days at the brand new Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit which also included a stay at the Villa Eyrie. While I stayed at the main house, the rest of the hotel just slightly down the hillside was in its last stages of renovations and boy was it looking spectacular. What they’ve done since I’ve been in just a few short months is beyond what I was expecting the end result to be, and boy is it special. I’ve traveled all over BC, experienced the worst and the best and I don’t think there’s a better spot to stay and play.

By play, I also just don’t mean hitting the racetrack as you don’t have to be a Motorsport Circuit member to enjoy this hotel. The location of The Villa Eyrie sits atop the Malahat a quick 30 minutes from Victoria BC, and from here the Island is at your finger tips. You can easily jet off to Cowichan Lake for the day, hit up Port Renfrew or make a sprint for Coombs and do a little shopping and relaxing.

In my opinion, I’ll be going here to escape the noise of the city and actually unwind. The short yet scenic drive is a cinch yet you feel like you’re a million km’s away, and that’s the real beauty of this hotel. Ok, that view also may compete in that category but I’ll let you decide that for yourself.

Villa Eyrie is not quite open and is set to start taking guests in September of 2016, which really is just around the corner. The Tuscan Villa inspired design almost transports you to Tuscany with its rustic exterior, although as soon as you step inside it’s nothing but modern luxury at every turn.

Interim Chef Dan Hudson will be creating the exquisite menu guest’s will be having at the Villa Eyrie Resort up until Late October. The talented cook brings a lot of local culinary experience to the table and you may remember him from Top Chef Canada and Hillary’s Cheese here on Vancouver Island. Fresh local ingredients paired with amazing wine and that stunning view is going to bring a next level dining experience to the Island that is not only welcomed, but needed

I’m going to head back soon and go grab some of my own photos and video and showcase not only the hotel a little bit more, but the area at hand and why it is so special. For now, you can check out their website for more information as well they’re hiring, so heads up to that.

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