Sweet Treats From Bon Macaron Patisserie

On a recent trip down the West Coast of America, I made a quick pit stop in a Korean Barbecue (of all places) in Portland just to try their legendary macarons and ever since I have been craving those amazing little sweet discs, and this weekend I found my new local source!

The Bon Macaron Patisserie (in French, the good macaron) features a lengthy menu of both sweet and savoury macarons. The Front window display, an eiffel tower adorned with macarons reminds you that they are the sole focus here. I love the flavour options because the include the classic flavours like raspberry and chocolate as well as more contemporary flavours like chili tangerine.

On my visit I picked up the espresso, dulce de leche, vanilla cheesecake, two raspberries and hazelnut for $9.00. You can buy a single macaron for $1.50, but let’s be honest, who would want to do that? Normally the flavour I always like most is espresso, but here the dulce de leche and raspberry stood above the rest.

I love the display tubes that they come in because you can see the intricate beauty of these treats, which is one of the best thing about macarons. The only downside with this packaging is that the poor macaron on the bottom gets squished by the others (at least you can use this one as a ‘sampler’ for your party display). If you are taking these anywhere, I definitely recommend paying extra to get them boxed on their sides. The other unfortunate thing is that these little guys are stored frozen in store, but I suppose that might make them more resistant to damage if you are making a large order.

When I am feeling a little more bold I will try out some savoury macarons, like the bacon flavour, strawberry balsamic or goat cheese and fig. Can you really go wrong with goat cheese? Most definitely not.

You can order a pyramid display ($75.00) of macarons to elevate your next social function! Whether it be a bridal or baby shower or your next ladies night in, the Bon Macaron Patisserie is a quick stop on Broad St. that will not disappoint. The boxed macarons also make beautiful hostess gifts that will always impress! Did I mention that there is a customer loyalty card, oh yes! When you buy 10 six packs of macarons you get one pack free! Vive le macaron!


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