Raincoast Retreat At Nimmo Bay Resort

If you’re looking for a truly west coast getaway that is far from any major city or source of light pollution. This is as wild as nature gets out here and it’s a glorious place to escape to. While this place is no secret, the good folks way over at The Nimmo Bay Resort often put together unique packages for adventurous traveler’s.

This experience is called the Raincoast Retreat and it’s the perfect west coast getaway. This package is only available in May and has a bunch of perks. Relax in your own cabin, soak in the tub outside and enjoy 5-star dining every day you’re there. You can tack on extra activities like heli-hiking and mountain top yoga onto your experience making it something you won’t find in too many other places on this globe.

Book: http://nimmobay.com/packages/rainforest-retreat-package/