A BC Vacation With A Mystery Destination

A new startup in the travel sector here in British Columbia has recently put out an unique vacation experience unlike anything I’ve seen before. Butiq Escapes thought that it would be a fun experience to allow traveler’s a new kind of way to #ExploreBC. Instead of knowing where you’re going, you take a quick consult with the team over at Butiq Escapes to get an understand of your likes and lusts.

Everyone has different tastes, likes and of course the things they detest in life. While taking this sort of vacation is a bit of a gamble, the reward is not knowing what’s around the corner next. You can tell “BE” what kind of trip you’d like to take, a bit about yourself and or the group as well some dreams and wishes. These trips can be modest in terms of cost all the way up to the sky is the limit.

One thing is for sure, every trip starts with a ride in a Cessna Caravan that is without a doubt the most luxurious seaplane in the country. You’ll enjoy being whisked off while you sip cocktails and enjoy the amazing view every step of the way.

Along the way you’ll experience many different views, sounds and tastes in places that you’ve never been to in BC. These trips are definitely for locals who would like to explore their backyard to even its most remote areas.

Book: http://butiqescapes.com/mystery
Email: concierge@butiqescapes.com