Tiffany Brings the NY Minute to Vancouver

Tiffany’s watchmaking is a deeply steeped tradition, which all started with their iconic Atlas clock. As the inventors of the New York minute, Tiffany is well-known for its beautiful modern and classic watches for men and women. This month they are introducing two new additions to two very different designs.

First is the East West collection, with its striking shape modelled after a travel clock from the 1940’s these watches are designed for those on the move and perfectly embody the spirit of the New York minute. The newest additions to this collection feature crisp automatic movement. The design of this line has such a slick profile, but the face has a classic touch that will let the style of these watches stand the test of time.

Next is the CT60 collection also hailing from the 1940’s, born from the design of a watch given to President Franklin Roosevelt. These self-winding, mechanical timepieces have a classic design and are now available in beautiful biocolor models featuring stainless steel and the modern 18k rose gold. I love the contrast of the rose gold, and how it adds an extra feminine touch for ladies looking to upgrade their watch game.

The new additions to both of these collections make them highly versatile and wearable for any occasion. Their modern, updated styles keep up with current design without losing the important connection with Tiffany’s historic watchmaking heritage. Keep an eye out around town for the latest Tiffany arm candy – I know where I will be going for my next watch!

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