BC’s Best Single Malt Scotch Bar Is Where?

You’d almost never guess which pub in BC has the largest Single Malt Scotch Collection with over 200 different bottles choose from. Well those in the know of course that the Wells Pub in Wells BC is the place to go for a Scotch experience that can’t be beat anywhere in the province. What’s makes it even better? The fact it’s quite the quest to visit the pub unless you’re a local.

The Pub is located just north of Barkerville in Wells BC and has been long serving fine Single Malt Scotch as well as cold beer and great food. I know we’re talking Scotch here but I think their beer selection merits a mention as well since they offer over 50 kinds of beer from around the world, including a few rare ones.

That’s almost too much booze to comprehend so we recommend making this a go-to place for special occasions with friends, for bachelor parties or just because you want to do something new this weekend. Best of all, you can just book a room at the hotel and enjoy as much Scotch as you like.

Visit Online: http://wellshotel.com/pub.html
Phone: (250) 994-3427
Email: whotel@goldcity.net