The Okanagan’s Luxury Villa Getaway Spot

I recently caught wind of what a friend of mine described as the most relaxing and “soul soothing” vacation she’s ever had, right here in BC. She asked me if I had ever been to God’s Mountain to which I replied, “huh?”. There are just so many hidden gems out there, while perhaps only to me. God’s Mountain Estate is a place for relaxation, contemplation and of course recharging your inner self.

Located in beautiful Penticton along the Skaha Lake, tucked away in the hills resides God’s Mountain Estate and it’s now on my radar for next year’s vacationing. This place has it all including amazing food experiences, a roofless room to enjoy nature in all its glory and amenities all over the estate. If you’d like to know more or book right now and see if there’s any room left before winter comes, then just follow the links below.

Call: 250-490-4800