Port Renfrew’s Only Penthouse Rental

For those that do know I’ve been working on launching a luxury travel agency here in BC and we’re just about to launch. I’ve also been studying my travel notes and learning what new places have been built in the past few years and came across this. Only two hours away by car from Victoria sits the Viewpoint Penthouse in Port Renfrew and it’s a spectacular staycation spot right on the ocean.

The Viewpoint Penthouse is apart of Seaside Cottages at Wild Renfrew and for only $229CAD per night you can’t go wrong. Stunning views, room for up to four guests and your own private beach access are just some of the perks when staying at the penthouse. I love that it’s located in town and it’s a great jumping off point to get to the best hiking, beaches and lakes on the southern island.

Book Online: http://wildrenfrew.com/seaside-cottages/
Email: info@wildrenfrew.com
Phone: 1.844.647.5541