Miradoro At Tinhorn Reopens March 1st

One of the best dining experiences in the province is awaiting you at the Miradoro which is a collaboration of Tinhorn Creek, Chef Jeff Van Geest and Manuel Ferreira of Le Gavroche fame. There’s good reason this place was named the best winery restaurant in BC. March 1st 2016 marks the reopening after their annual two months closure for the winter. So another season of amazing local products turned into culinary delights is upon is and I for one cannot wait for my annual summer Okanagan trip.

Coming back on April 5th 2016 the communal table dinners are coming back in full swing and I highly recommend you hit this up. This is a great way to try some fine foods, wine and great company as these dinners make your break away from traditional dining.

Visit Online: http://www.tinhorn.com/restaurant
Reservations: 250.498.3742
Email: info@miradoro.ca