Superyacht Attessa Docks In Victoria BC

I’ve been lucky lately with my timing and ability to catch stunning yachts rolling into town. While not everyone appreciates these machines and what they represent, I just love them from an engineering and fantasy standpoint. These majestic yachts allow its occupants to traverse the sea’s in style and comfort, some are perhaps beyond necessity. With that being said, I still watched on in amazement when I saw a little black helicopter whiz past me at Sax Point Park and head towards M/Y Attessa.

I sadly had damn near no battery and I dropped the phone in excitement which completely ruined it. The waters were quite choppy off Sax Point and I’m impressed they managed to land the helicopter on what appears to be a small helipad.

She was and most likely still is owned by Dennis Washington and from what I can gather is one of three boats he owns. He has a larger one titled Attessa IV but I could be wrong, please correct me in the comments if so. Sadly also my photos are not great, the lighting at 6am wasn’t working for me that morning.

M/Y Attessa Pictures